Julius Caesar – Former Roman Consul

Dictator, General and Inspirational leader Recently I’ve taken on some more leadership roles within my life and it made me think of a book that shows Caesar’s exceptional leadership, which he undoubtedly utilised to it’s potential. This book is so interesting because it makes a massive distinction between force and power and now in my […]

Online books to read – Ancient Roman books you must read

Before we get into the juicy content of this article for you hungry readers, all the books in this article can be read online using amazon upgrade, which is a service that lets you read a book you have bought on amazon online before it arrives or using the kindle app. This is ideal if […]

This Book Covers Every Aspect Of Roman Life

Illustrated History Hardcover Ancient Rome   Buy here One of the most inclusive volumes in terms of illustrating every aspect of roman life up to the Byzantine period. Art, literature, science, science, architecture, the army, emperors and much more is all covered. The illustrations are of very high quality with sprawling pieces spanning across pages […]

Anything You Want To Know About Romans, It’s Here

Comprehensive Eyewitness Book Ancient Rome When I was a child I loved opening these classic eyewitness books in the school library and seeing all the armour and weapons that the romans used, the old artefacts that were left behind and the timeless plumed helmets I always see on the front of the eyewitness books. Personally, […]

Interactive Pop-out Book For Children

Great for young ones!  This interactive book with cut-outs helps to engage younger ones where a standard wordy book may lose the majority of children’s’ attention. The colourful and interesting facts keep children engaged and the layout of the book is simple and easy to read where there is information. This is a good place […]

Perfect Roman Book For Children

Easy read with all the laughs, artwork and facts that you could wish for. Perfect for children. The award-winning series’ roman addition to their releases. This book includes all the everyday, silly and sometimes dirty things we all want to know about roman life – perfect for children. Filled with surprising and amusing facts this […]